Pamper routine: some steps to relax without leaving your house


Getting stressed out can really affect our work, study, relationships and overall health. Because of this, stress is something we should really take care of. When this happens to me, going out and randomly walk in a certain area which I know that will have places I’ll be interested about and spend some hours there really help. However, sometimes we can’t (or simply don’t want to) get out of the house for a certain reason. If you’re in the second situation, here I have some “pamper routine” steps from which you can choose some (or maybe all of them, why not?) and enjoy a good relaxing time!

  1. Turn off your phone, e-mails notifications and/or any social media that may stress you. Unless you’re waiting for a super urgent call, taking a break from those things won’t hurt 🙂
  2. Make use of aromatherapy: scented candles, a good air freshener or just adding some drops of your favorite perfume behind your ears, neck and wrist, a soothing scent has the properties to calm you down.
  3. Take a warm bath and use a moisturize afterwards, using this time to give yourself a body and face massage (there are plenty of videos online teaching you different types of massage that work pretty well).
  4. Drink something that will help you relax, alcoholic or not, you have lots of options such as no caffeine tea, passion fruit juice, warm milk (I like adding cinnamon to this one) and wine.
  5. Cook yourself something good if you enjoy doing it or simply order it (why not?) and have a nice meal!
  6. Pick a good book, a movie, some series (or drama) episodes, or that album you’re curious about or haven’t properly listened to in ages. In this part I believe choosing something that won’t offer a constant interruption is a good thing. You don’t really want to think too much about what to do next in this exact situation, right?
Pamper routine: some steps to relax without leaving your house


Today I decided to run.

After weeks gradually stressing out over insignificant small things I decided to run from my afternoon classes, friends, phone messages and routine.

To put it simple: It’s Friday and I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s not my obligation to be like this all the time, right? So I took enough courage to make a rather perfectionist person like me to skip a whole afternoon of classes in order to take care of something that isn’t always visible or easily noticeable. My thoughts about the future and mental health.

I came back home, watched a short series on the internet, got into the car, heard a choir singing on my way, went to a place I’ve known for years but this time let myself take a good notice of how beautiful it was there, met some random cool people who I can’t really say I’ll ever see again, felt the Sun caressing my cheeks, came back home, drank some coffee with cinnamon and here I am after running from my day. I’m happy now.

I’m really happy now.

My problems didn’t disappear, they’re all still there facing me. However after this afternoon I’m capable of saying I can see beauty even in my upside down world.

Today was a good day.