A letter to: The Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

How have you been? How are your dreams doing? Are those little, yet substantial, creatures growing and multiplying in your heart and mind? How many of them have already come to the real world since I last talked to you?

Are you excited? Maybe you’ve found a new dream to call yours and now you’re working hard to make it real. The view from your train’s window is idyllic and even though you’re still not in your destination you can see beauty in the journey.

Are you scared? Because of people who try to push down, because of the world or life itself. Because none of your plans have gone the way you thought it would. The routine finally caught you and you feel tired, empty, sad and used.

Are you lost? After so many achievements or so many losses, you don’t know anymore where you’re heading to. It’s like raining in a big ocean that doesn’t need water anymore. You may have not expressed it into words already, but deep inside, even though it’s hard to admit, you know you’re lost.

Dear dreamer, you can have all self confidence, support and strength of the world, but I have to tell you it’s inevitable: sometimes you will feel really small. You who have spent so much time with your head up in the clouds will have to face the hard feeling of hitting the ground. However, may I tell you, these aren’t signs of weakness.

As a dreamer, you will learn that closed doors will always appear in order to prepare you to something even better and bigger, life’s a classroom which teaches you how to have really important things inside you such as patience, endurance, stamina and independence. It’s not about how many times you fell down, but how much time you spent in the ground when you were already… ready to get up.

You also need to know that when you conquer a dream by making it come true, it’s time to get a new one. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thankful or satisfied with the things and experiences you already own. As a dreamer, I bet you often lives on the future, but don’t forget that you own the¬†present and that this present is actually the future you were craving so much for the other day. You have all the right of being fulfilled with your present life (actually, please, be thankful for all your past conquers), but you can’t forget that dreaming,¬†dreaming big, is one of the things that makes us want to go forward.

Be excited about your life, learn from every day it makes you experience. Dream big (your definition of dreaming big), learn from the journey balance present and future and please enjoy the view.

A letter to: The Dreamer

Sing for me once again

You said you would never let go of my hand no matter how rough the road would get and I asked you to never give up on me even if I begged it to you afterwards.

Now here I am, finally letting myself rest in you arms. Why did I take so long when I have always known exactly where you would be waiting for me?

I am sorry for giving up so many times and not even daring to properly come back. I am sorry for all the times I said I was coming back but appeared with only half of my heart and part of my soul.

Just like a song says, you don’t need me but somehow you want me. How can it be? Even at times when I don’t want myself, you still want me.

My proud is just too big, my fear is bigger than my faith. Even the softest of the blows is capable of dragging me down and the lowest whisper sounds me like a deafening thunder. I am too small, carry too many flaws, too weak. However you let me see some of my heroes from a really close perspective just to realize they are just like me. I came to realize all their strength comes from you, their reason to live, sing, breathe is also you.

Here I am, trying to give you my all, knowing I will still fall far more times than I want to, but still trying because I can’t lose this opportunity to live one more day of my life dedicated to you.

The king of heaven wants me and He wants you too.

Sing for me once again



Se soubesse da tormenta, da chuva de balas que estava por passar
Você iria até o fim?
Atravessaria mil noites, e viria até aqui?

Se soubesses
Ah, se eu soubesse
Eu acreditava saber

Me ajude a acreditar, nos momentos em que nem minhas palavras parecem reais
Me ajude a caminhar, mesmo quando a força das pernas se esvai
Eu quero
N√£o quero
Eu creio
N√£o creio

Quase t√£o ruim quanto a loucura da faca
Quase pode
N√£o pode ser pior do que isso, pode?

Ai, e o ar em meus pulm√Ķes
Para onde foram os sopros, os suspiros, as inspira√ß√Ķes?
Me escapam todos pelos dedos, gritando palavras sem nexo ou juízo

E agora, vou por onde, para onde?

Minhas palavras, agora todas tortas
Deliraram e não têm mais dicionário para onde ir




Today I decided to run.

After weeks gradually stressing out over insignificant small things I decided to run from my afternoon classes, friends, phone messages and routine.

To put it simple: It’s Friday and I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s not my obligation to be like this all the time, right? So I took enough courage to make a rather perfectionist person like me to skip a whole afternoon of classes in order to take care of something that isn’t always visible or easily noticeable. My thoughts about the future and mental health.

I came back home, watched¬†a¬†short¬†series on the internet, got into the car, heard a choir singing on my way, went to a place I’ve known for years but this time¬†let myself take a good notice of how¬†beautiful it was there, met some random cool¬†people who I can’t really say I’ll ever see again, felt the Sun caressing my cheeks, came back home, drank some coffee with cinnamon and here I am after running from my day. I’m happy now.

I’m really happy now.

My problems didn’t disappear, they’re all still there facing me. However after this afternoon I’m capable of¬†saying I can see beauty even in my upside down world.

Today was a good day.


A letter to: The Artist

To the artist that resides in your heart and soul: first of all, yes, you’re good enough.

Surprised? I admit, I was astonished when I first heard a direct encouragement like this about my art work. It came from another artist, a graduated from another country. It was a brief conversation in which he showed me some tips about his learning process and wished me good luck.

An artist encouraging another artist.

I won’t lie to you: people will seldom understand you and your artistic side, the world won’t always encourage you and, well, it’ll probably underestimate you. So before you decide to run away and hide, let me tell you something:

I believe in you.

I’m saying this because I believe art is one of the only pure things that reside in this world. Whether it’ll be used for bad or good reasons or in a bad or good way, is up to the person who puts its hand on it, it’s up to the artist, it’s up to¬†you. If you decide to use it with good intentions, in a good way, then I may say:

I believe in your art too.

I don’t know if you’re going to use your art during work, parallel projects, hobbies or whatever. Make art. You need it to feel real and alive, don’t you? Go grab a pencil, some clay, a camera, musical instrument, pieces of clothing,¬†whatever you consider art, because what your soul considers as art shouldn’t be classified and put in a drawer.

Go make your art. Encourage, empower another artist.

A letter to: The Artist



a gente tinha ar em excesso
éramos o próprio
‚Äút√ī de bem com a vida‚ÄĚ
e de tanto ar
fez-se vento
alçamos voo
nos deixamos levar
pelas cidades e suas avenidas
pelas estradas em busca do mar
você ia para o norte
enquanto eu fiquei no sul
construía sua morada no leste
eu corria no outro lado do oceano azul
suas casas eram sólidas
as minhas, barracas provisórias
barcos de papel com rodas
maleáveis, flexíveis
meio tortas
construídas para ser lar
até que deixassem de ser
sentidos opostos
destinos diferentes
mas olha, a Terra é redonda
e quem muito percorre
um dia volta
para casa
para o lar
volta ao ponto de partida
para ent√£o, quem sabe,


A letter to: Time

Dear Time,

I’ve always wanted to tell you how much I hated you when you dragged important people away from me, when there was no other explanation rather than time. Wow, you have no idea how much I hated you at those moments.

However,¬†I¬†have¬†to¬†admit¬†how¬†much¬†I’ve¬†learnt¬†from and with¬†you.¬†Not¬†only¬†with¬†the¬†painful¬†parts¬†but¬†also with¬†the warm and¬†unforgettable¬†moments¬†you’ve¬†gifted¬†me¬†through¬†my¬†journey.

Your eternity is so small, yet some of your moments are so long…

Even though, I’m grateful. I’m aware of the responsibility of my words and I want to see what you have to show me.

A letter to: Time