They’re right behind us

Always chasing, always hunting

“I’m getting tired”, you said

So let’s hide between the stars

Climbing through the clouds

We’ll go so high up in the skies

That they won’t ever find us

No one will ever hurt you

I will throw away my fear of heights

And you, the need of pretending


That things are alright

We’ll hide in such a safe place

That they won’t be able to cause us any harm

And everyday will be spent

Contemplating the sky

Now we’re in such a good place

That suddenly what’s past is past

Our tears are already dry

And scars are just scars

The celestial bodies light our path

Just like on ancient times

Sun and stars

Side by side

Slowly fading

Pieces of the past

Bad and good ones

Will start to disappear

We’ll cheer and we’ll feast

Glasses of poison

Castles of sand

It’s written:

Reality is an illusion

So I say

Let it be

I’ll make this reality

The most beautiful dream

This land has ever seen

Playing pretend

Once upon a time

We’ve got to escape drowning

In order to fly

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