my heart, it feels as if it’s going to burst
this pain, this ache, born from the doubt
fed with the noise from the outside world
that screams none of this is enough
and that i have lived less than I should

the city that surrounds me, it bores me
it’s noisy, lonely and grey
and on its tall building walls
i see my whole history written in faded paint

the nights always look the same
the stars haven’t shown any change
and the sun outside my window
it has started to set after another identical day

a new accomplishment to be grateful for
another goal to set my eyes on
that’s all i had believe to need
this is what i have been hungry for

but that’s not what is going to soothe
the addiction i have for being happy all the time
this stupid need for always being right
the thrilling feeling whenever i said for sure
that i was no more sick, that my mind was alright