A letter to: ######



This is it, dear one. I can’t keep going on.

I’m sorry I failed, I hope you know I tried. Maybe you’ll never be aware of how hard it was, but I really did my best and last night was the last straw. I can’t keep doing this.

This is going to sound egotistical but I need to say it: I have to live and I can’t do it with you now.

I promise I’m going to live my damnation as best and honest as I can. The truth is, nothing will ever be enough for you, I’ll never be enough at your eyes, and you will also never be enough at mine.

We aren’t compatible, never were, and we’ve known this since the very beginning. We were both stupid to think that something would happen. I had hope, maybe even a little faith on this miracle, but there are things that never change.

I’m looking for something that makes sense for me, you should do it too.

We are better off apart. For me, for you, for everybody.