Infinitely Polar Bear


Raw, fresh, relatable, personal, human.

Infinitely Polar Bear tells the story of Cameron, Maggie, Amelia and Faith. A family, with people like you and me. Mainly centered around Cameron (Mark Ruffalo): a father, husband, man, who is bipolar (bear polar, polar bear, you got it?) diagnosed, and the challenges that surrounds the family’s life when Maggie (Zoe Saldana), the mom, decides to go to New York in order to give a better economical situation for their daughters.

The movie, which is based on director Maya Forbes’ father story, shows the difficulties that come when having someone with bipolar disorder in the family, or being one yourself. Difficulties that doesn’t make it more or less of a family.

The story is about real, everyday, maybe normal (?) life, so don’t expect any major plot twists or a groundbreaking story. Instead of it, expect for actors doing excellent jobs portraying a family with all its ups and downs while preserving the sensibility of the matter.