3 random: animations to re-watch + why looking at the past can be good for you

First of all: yes, I was a Disney movies child. Yes, they had an important (and maybe kind of strong?) influence and I’m not ashamed of that. And yes, I still listen to those songs from time to time because, why not? I’ve been having this annoying-but-necessary identity crisis, and because of this I found myself looking for something to hold on to, mainly new things to help redefine myself, but nothing worked as well as I wanted to. I turned my whole world upside down looking for something like this, something new, and then I finally found something that I had put aside a long time ago: my childhood memories. It does no good to live in the past, but sometimes taking a look at it like someone looks at a photo album or a memory box, can really help to understand who we are and how we were “made”.

Mulan- Mulan knows that she doesn’t fit in the role society gave her and fears to be a failure who will ashame her family but is braver than anyone when it comes to going to war in order to protect her father. This movie is inspiring for me, she worked so hard in order to be a great soldier despite all the trials, and in the end becomes what she was really meant to be.

PS: Grandma Fa is also awesome every time she appears on screen. “Sign me up for the next war!”


Tangled – I don’t know if this one can be considered one of my childhood ones, but I really like it. She’s an artist and tries to live the most of her life even though she has the tower-espace limitation. The “I See The Light” song is also one of my all time favorites.


Hercules – He is a really good guy who just like Mulan, doesn’t really fit in. Hercules needs to discover who he is and then fights really hard in order to become this person he is meant to be despite of the difficult beginning and skeptical comments he received through his whole life, never giving up.


Hope I’ll be able to watch all of them once summer break starts 😀