Places in NYC that make me want to go back there (part 2)

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is a chain of bookstores founded in 1886, so you can imagine for yourself: books everywhere. Mangas, fancy school supplies, coffee, magazines and more books. I took the chance to buy a really pretty hard cover book about Arthurian Legends and a really interesting one about marketing, totally worth it! The atmosphere was really good at the one I went to, and I could find all kinds of content in those shelves. I would totally spend a whole week there exploring the books (maybe more).


Broadway (musicals)

I went there to watch Aladdin with my mom and it was spectacular. The costumes, music, dance, special affects, actors (special claps to the Genie), everything was a feast to the ears and the eyes. I will definitely watch more musicals if I get the chance to go back there.



It’s described as an elevated park, located at the former New York Central Railroad. It’s a really pleasant walk in which you get to see the city from a totally new perspective while surrounded by an interesting architecture, mini gardens and a beautiful sky.


Empire State Building

I’d been dreaming of going up this building since I first read Percy Jackson so I had really high expectations about it. I paid the extra tax in order to go to the 102nd floor, otherwise we would stop at the 86th (it is pretty high already, but I had to go as high as I could) and the view was amazing! I felt as if I was inside a rocket going right up to the stars.


Thank you very much, mom and dad, for giving me the chance to experience one of the most memorable things of my life and for showing me that travelling isn’t just about seeing new places and buying a bunch of things, but that it’s actually about meeting new people, lifestyles, culture, history and traditions in a way books or pictures will never be able to teach you.