Places in NYC that make me want to go back there (part 1)

I went to NYC in 2015 with my family and it was one of the most breathtaking experiences of my whole life. Unfortunately I didn’t take much pictures and most of them were taken with a really bad cellphone camera (I was just too busy trying to capture that movie-like place with my own eyes, okay? Totally worth it) so I won’t put any this time.


MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

What can I say about this museum? As a History lover, every step in this place made me wanna cry. It was like travelling through the years and exploring different societies, all this in less than a day. It was also where I ate the coldest, skinniest and most expensive hot dog in my whole life (I mean, really, don’t) but never mind. I would definitely go back there.

My favorite part: the Egyptian and Greek section and also the antique rooms you can “enter” to feel like you’re really inside it.


Halal Guys Food

Food in New York can be expensive, really expensive. However, when we were walking out of the MoMA with really sad and empty stomachs, we saw a really long line of people wearing pencil skirts, suits, heels and ties to get something called gyro in foil plates that was being sold for a good price, so we thought: that’s it. We were suspicious at first, but it tasted really good and didn’t give us any stomach problem. They’re placed in several locations, so looking through Google helps you to find the one nearest to you.

My favorite part: I absolutely loved that spicy sauce that came with the food, also they were patient and gentle enough to explain what those food were (the line was really small at the time, but come on, still was a really good experience that didn’t happen in most of the places we got to get some food).


Times Square

You can search as many pictures on the internet, watch all those NYC movies, you’ll never ever get the idea of what Times Square really looks like, specially at night. I remember going out of Forever 21 (what a huge place) and not realizing it was already night until I looked at the clock and finally rose my head up to see a pitch black sky. Times Square was a dreamy mixture of colorful lights, cars and people defying the darkness of the sky above us.

My favorite part: the surprise I had when I realized it was already night when I thought it was something like 16h00.