Sing for me once again

You said you would never let go of my hand no matter how rough the road would get and I asked you to never give up on me even if I begged it to you afterwards.

Now here I am, finally letting myself rest in you arms. Why did I take so long when I have always known exactly where you would be waiting for me?

I am sorry for giving up so many times and not even daring to properly come back. I am sorry for all the times I said I was coming back but appeared with only half of my heart and part of my soul.

Just like a song says, you don’t need me but somehow you want me. How can it be? Even at times when I don’t want myself, you still want me.

My proud is just too big, my fear is bigger than my faith. Even the softest of the blows is capable of dragging me down and the lowest whisper sounds me like a deafening thunder. I am too small, carry too many flaws, too weak. However you let me see some of my heroes from a really close perspective just to realize they are just like me. I came to realize all their strength comes from you, their reason to live, sing, breathe is also you.

Here I am, trying to give you my all, knowing I will still fall far more times than I want to, but still trying because I can’t lose this opportunity to live one more day of my life dedicated to you.

The king of heaven wants me and He wants you too.