Today I decided to run.

After weeks gradually stressing out over insignificant small things I decided to run from my afternoon classes, friends, phone messages and routine.

To put it simple: It’s Friday and I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s not my obligation to be like this all the time, right? So I took enough courage to make a rather perfectionist person like me to skip a whole afternoon of classes in order to take care of something that isn’t always visible or easily noticeable. My thoughts about the future and mental health.

I came back home, watched a short series on the internet, got into the car, heard a choir singing on my way, went to a place I’ve known for years but this time let myself take a good notice of how beautiful it was there, met some random cool people who I can’t really say I’ll ever see again, felt the Sun caressing my cheeks, came back home, drank some coffee with cinnamon and here I am after running from my day. I’m happy now.

I’m really happy now.

My problems didn’t disappear, they’re all still there facing me. However after this afternoon I’m capable of saying I can see beauty even in my upside down world.

Today was a good day.