A letter to: The Artist

To the artist that resides in your heart and soul: first of all, yes, you’re good enough.

Surprised? I admit, I was astonished when I first heard a direct encouragement like this about my art work. It came from another artist, a graduated from another country. It was a brief conversation in which he showed me some tips about his learning process and wished me good luck.

An artist encouraging another artist.

I won’t lie to you: people will seldom understand you and your artistic side, the world won’t always encourage you and, well, it’ll probably underestimate you. So before you decide to run away and hide, let me tell you something:

I believe in you.

I’m saying this because I believe art is one of the only pure things that reside in this world. Whether it’ll be used for bad or good reasons or in a bad or good way, is up to the person who puts its hand on it, it’s up to the artist, it’s up to you. If you decide to use it with good intentions, in a good way, then I may say:

I believe in your art too.

I don’t know if you’re going to use your art during work, parallel projects, hobbies or whatever. Make art. You need it to feel real and alive, don’t you? Go grab a pencil, some clay, a camera, musical instrument, pieces of clothing, whatever you consider art, because what your soul considers as art shouldn’t be classified and put in a drawer.

Go make your art. Encourage, empower another artist.