When words aren’t enough

Hello my dear, I know these weeks have been hard on you.

I bet you’re used to be in the place of that person who gives the hand to the others when they need comfort, not the one who uses to seek for help. I know part of your story, how you’ve been fighting in order to have a place as a good leader in order to serve the others at the same time as you struggle to keep your family together. We, your friends, have known about your journey for ages, but we can’t walk it for you. We can accompany you, give support, but you already know that when time comes, you’ll be on your own.

You’ll be on your own, but you’ll never be alone. Because there’s this person, and he’ll fight for you, until the very end. He has already been fighting for you. He’ll never let you down.

I know my words will never be enough to comfort you, neither give enough strength. At times like this, I can only pray and hope that you’ll be able to have the best of this situation, even if it’s not the way you thought it would be.

Sing. Louder and louder everyday. Fly. Further and further away. Don’t you forget to never lose faith.