I’m on my way

It was the fourth time in only a month. I would wake up and feel a ton of bad feelings smacking me like a small ant. I was so tired, feeling numb and weak. I wasn’t sure of any of my actions or the reasons of them. In addition, my past weeks hadn’t been the best, but come on, I had already faced so much worse things in the past. It didn’t make any sense that something this small could drag me down.

Every time I stepped onto the subway platform, all I could think about was that I had made a huge mistake choosing to go to school that day. I tried to soothe the journey by pretending I was on my way to Hogwarts in an old red train. But nah, that just worked in the first five minutes. My school was indeed a beautiful place, and I could remember when its tall trees and old buildings still stole my breath away, but all the senior year routine and drama had weary my attempts to keep positive.

I needed encouragement, a new motivation, and I was going to find one.