Mirrored house

Once there was this child living in a house that had two mirrors in the entrance. She liked them because the mirrors would tell her how she looked, what was happening around her and what was right and wrong. She trusted them to tell her what was worth doing or not, she believed they knew her better than she knew herself thanks to everything they had already seen in life.

The time passed and she started to feel the urge to ask for opinion almost daily. But she wanted more than only two mirrors point of view. She decided to buy some more, and placed them in every part of the house. As she grown up, the number of mirrors would grow up too. She would stop everything she was doing and run to a bunch of mirrors and ask what they thought she should do every time a question mark appeared in her head. Everything she did, everyplace she went, everyone she talked to. The mirrors knew and had their hands in every part of the child’s life. She didn’t.

One day this child decided to defy the mirror’s orders and do something she was told not to. When she came back to the house, the objects started to whisper around her.

“What were you thinking? That’s not like you, doing something like that.”

“You know, we’ve known you for all this years, we know you better than anyone, you don’t even know yourself.

You need our opinion, you’re incapable of living on your own.

Traitor, weak.

She decided to run, but every room had mirrors observing her. Judging her steps.

Finding herself cornered and crying, the child asked the mirrors for forgiveness, saying she would never do something like that again. She promised to always do as they said, and started to live following their rules.