Searching for open doors

I suppose everybody already knows that from times to times there’re some doors in our lives that unexpectedly close. These doors can be a job opportunity, a chance to realize that dream project. It can be doors from our personal, familiar, professional, even ministerial life. Sometimes we don’t know how or why it suddenly shut, in fact we don’t even know if those doors were really open from the start. In times like this we’re likely to get frustrated, confused, and start to ask God “why?”. Everything seemed to be in the right place, we had the perfect plan already drew in our minds, we were sure every one of those locked doors were actually a part of His plan.

Most of the time we don’t know why, but these things happen. And we find ourselves staring at a locked door that won’t open no matter what.

That was said a lot of times, but is something we need to remind ourselves constantly, both in heart and mind: sometimes doors are needed to be closed in order to others to be open; everything has its right time and He knows and controls it with perfection; nothing happens without His knowledge and permission. There will be times when our eyes won’t be looking at the exactly right place that God wants us to. It doesn’t mean we’re not trying to see the way He sees, it means we’re humans, dependable of the love, patience and guidance of our Creator.

There’ll be closed doors, lots of them, but if you look carefully and let He and solely He be the leader of your search at the right time and in the right place you’ll find the right and opened door.