One year, 365 days, have already passed. And there we are, once again: making promises, wishes, resolutions, celebrating the birth of this long-awaited year called 2017. The beginning of a new year is one of the greatest excuses to make new decisions in order to make our lives more interesting and better, it’s one of those times in the year you feel like “yeah, it may be possible so.. let’s just try!”. And why not? Without dreams and ambitions we’re just people walking around, stuck in an everyday and meaningless routine. Like trees that need water and sunlight in order to grow, so do you and me when talking about dreams. It doesn’t have something that others’ll find interesting or amazing, let alone what others say you have to seek. It has to be your dream. Your own and personal one.

One of the questions that popped into my head was: why don’t we have this feeling, this urge to run after what we want during the rest of the year instead of just forgetting it in a piece of paper that will be in the trash can by March? We have insecurities, this big fear of failure that at times succeed in stopping us from dreaming. We need to work, have responsibilities and it’s a fact: life isn’t an always happy baby blue sky dream. And yeah, you’ll face some hardships during 2017. Maybe you’ll have to work for hours and hours without a single rest, maybe some bills will appear and making you think “how will I pay those?”, maybe someone will get sick, someone important, or a certain person will go away and just leave you wondering “why?”. 2017 may be difficult, I don’t know and you don’t know either how this chapter will be. But in the end no matter what happens (or not happens), it just matter how you’ll look to the difficulties and whether you’ll face those or not.

Probably it won’t be flawless, it’ll have its rainstorms, broken bridges and huge walls. My tip? When things are difficult, try to enjoy the view. Stop for a moment, let yourself press the pause button, then look around and even if everything still seems a total mess, take a deep breath and stare at something you find truly beautiful. There’s always something worth it. And if you tell me you have nothing, I tell you it’s high time to look for one. A cup of coffee, flowers in the street, the raindrops shining in your window, a dream, a purpose, something you can look at when things get hard and feel hope. Again, it probably won’t be flawless, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be less memorable or less amazing.

Have a memorable, full of hope and dreams 2017.